Horse and Human Rehabilitation Centre

Horses for Adoption

PIP - 9YRS, 15.3HH, TB, Mare

Pip is a sweet mare but can get anxious in new environments however once familiar will settle, does get attached to other horses though. Pip is not suitable for riding due to an old injury to her side however completely paddock sound. Has had foals previously so would make a great nanny mare or companion horse.

Easy to catch (with a treat), trim, rug. Requires some coaxing to float but travels well.



17hh, 10yrs, TB, Mare

Sarah has had a very tough life and is now looking for a loving home as a companion. She is easy to catch, trim, rug, float etc. She can be very sweet most of the time but when in season can get grumpy and display the mare stare, nothing nasty in it all bluff. She is low in the pecking order in the herd. She just deserves lots of love for all that she has been through, these details will be given to her adoptee.


DANE (Exalted Dane)

17yrs, 15.2hh, TB, Mare

Dane has a black beauty look about her. Easy going girl, can rug, trim, catch. Can take a little while to go into the float but doesn't take long to convince her. Only suited as a companion due to an old knee injury. Mid range in the pecking order.



30yrs, 8hh, Palouse, Mare

Birdy can be a little shy but can be easily won over with a treat. She has the most beautiful blue eyes. Has foundered in the past so must be on a low sugar diet. Very low in the pecking order. Will make ideal companion to another pony that requires diet restrictions.


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