Horse and Human Rehabilitation Centre

Horses for Adoption

DANE (Exalted Dane)

17yrs, 15.2hh, TB, Mare

Dane has a black beauty look about her. Easy going girl, can rug, trim, catch. Can take a little while to go into the float but doesn't take long to convince her. Only suited as a companion due to an old knee injury. Mid range in the pecking order.


DUSTY - 15yrs, 15hh, Standardbred, Gelding.

Dusty is the sweetest easy going boy, he has done numerous therapy sessions with adults and children. Good to catch, rug, trim and float. Mid range in the pecking order.

Unfortunately cannot be ridden due to an old injury but is completely paddock sound. Great companion horse.


DILLY (Double Dilinger)

18yrs, 15.1hh, Standardbred, Gelding.

Registered SPPHASA

Dilly is a sweet but nervous boy that prefers to get to know his human and bond one on one. He has done numerous therapy sessions and always tries his best. Easy to catch, rug, trim and float as long as you go slow and allow him time to relax. Previously he was broken in however it was a long time ago and due to his age and nervousness we are offering him as a companion pet. With time, patience and understanding could possibly be ridden again. Mid range in the pecking order


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